A day in the life of a field Office Program Manager with neurodiversity using Microsoft Teams

7:30 AM

Tea in hand, Olivia goes to work in her home office. She starts by reading her Daily Briefing email from Cortana to see what’s on the calendar to be reminded of outstanding to-dos.

10:00 AM

She borrows a dolly from the front desk to transport boxes of printer paper back to her office. She doesn’t want to forget to return it, so she makes a task and sets a reminder for 4:45 PM.

11:30 AM

A coworker asks to share her presentation about affordable rentals. Olivia can’t find the draft she started the day before, so she uses Search in Edge to find the document.

2:00 PM

She’s asked to review the “VanArsdel, Ltd.” case. It was discussed in a meeting, but she doesn’t recall the details.
She searches Teams and finds the meeting recording in the Teams chat. She searches the transcript for “VanArsdel” and
listens to that section.

3:30 PM

Olivia runs into another case worker in the breakroom. They sit down for an impromptu meeting over hot cocoa. Olivia
takes notes from the meeting in the OneNote mobile app.

4:00 PM

Olivia meets with her supervisor to provide an update on the VanArsdel case. He has worked with them before and has some good advice to share. Olivia turns on live transcripts, so if
she misses a detail she can refer back later.

4:45 PM

She gets a visual and audio reminder from Outlook to return the dolly, a good reminder that it’s time to go home.