A day in the life of a marketing pro using Microsoft Search

8:30 AM

In orientation, Rory learned about using Bing to find work info, including industry news. She skims it on the homepage.

9:00 AM

Rory preps for Friday’s strategy meeting by searching the web and internal sites for customer trend data.

10:00 AM

Next, she needs to update last month’s strategy deck. She pins it to her Edge new tab so it’s easy to find.

10:30 AM

Every meeting room looks the same! Rory pulls up the floor plan for her next sync so she doesn’t get lost.

11:30 AM

Her boss is planning their first marketing summit. Rory reads the Teams discussion to get up to speed.

12:00 PM

She searches for “conversations about lunch” and everyone’s raving about a nearby food truck. Yum!

1:15 PM

During the summit planning meeting, Rory’s boss says the working name is Contoso Annual Marketing Summit—CAMS.

2:30 PM

“CAMS” sounded familiar. A web search turns up a site with the same name. Rory messages her boss on Teams.

3:30 PM

Rory needs to review a file Ian shared with her, but he’s sick. She searches for “Ian’s files” to get the latest version.

5:00 PM

Her boss messages to thank Rory for her quick thinking earlier and invites her to the next leadership meeting. Score!