A day in the life of a marketing manager using Microsoft 365

7:00 AM

From her hotel room, Zoe joins a Microsoft Teams video conference with her peers from around the world. Zoe’s manager uses Microsoft Planner to assign Zoe and her peers next year’s Healthy Foods/ New Fitness Line digital marketing campaign. They use Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams to brainstorm a few ideas

8:15 AM

Zoe grabs a coffee in the lobby. She opens her laptop and uses the new Researcher feature in Microsoft Word to jumpstart her research on healthy food trends. Researcher helps Zoe explore material related to her search topic and adds it and properly formatted citations in one click in Word. She saves the doc in Teams so her peers can contribute while she’s at the trade show.

9:40 AM

Zoe walks into the trade show 20 minutes before her presentation to potential buyers. She checks her Activity Feed in Teams and sees she has been @mentioned twice. A colleague reminders her to present in both English and French for her Canadian audience. Another thinks the presentation is missing the visual “wow” factor and suggests putting greater emphasis on the product images.

9:45 AM

Zoe doesn’t speak French but she knows just what to do. She opens her Microsoft PowerPoint file and turns on the live captions and subtitle feature on the Slide Show tab and sets the subtitle language to French. Done!

9:47 AM

Finally, Zoe goes to the Transitions tab in PowerPoint and applies Morph to her product slides to create a smooth emphasis of each image as she introduces them to the audience. Changes are automatically saved because the file is stored Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

10:00 AM

Zoe starts her presentation. The live captions and subtitle feature in PowerPoint uses AI to recognize her voice in English and translates it to French subtitles enabling the audience to follow in real time. She uses the Presenter View feature in PowerPoint to view her speaker notes while the audience sees the slide show.

11:30 AM

The presentation was a success! Zoe catches a ride share to the airport. From her smartphone, she uses Teams chat and emojis to thank her peers for their feedback. She also shares key learnings from the trade show experience and describes the cool PowerPoint features she used to improve the presentation.

2:00 PM

On the flight home, she opens her research Word doc about healthy food trends, which her team has added to. With offline access to docs saved in OneDrive for Business, she can pick up where they left off—giving Zoe fresh ideas for the campaign vision.

5:00 PM

Back home, Zoe feels inspired to share her campaign ideas in a PowerPoint file. PowerPoint Designer uses AI to generate slide design ideas based on the content Zoe inserts, saving her time designing slides. She saves the file to Teams and @mentions her group to ask for input. ideas for the campaign vision.