A day in the life of a marketing manager using Microsoft Lists

9:00 AM

Tea in hand, Lynn joins a meeting in the morning with her manager. Top of mind is their upcoming introduction of two new cookie flavors. They decide to move the launch date up a few days.

10:00 AM

Lynn opens “Cookie Launch” from her Lists home page, where she keeps track of information and planning surrounding the release. Lynn changes due dates for a few items since the launch is now earlier. She switches the priority for the “Teaser Billboard” item to Critical, which triggers an email notification to Ray, who was listed as owner.

11:00 AM

Lynn works on drafts for the initial blog and social media posts for the announcement. She needs a new graphic for the posts, so adds an item to her list titled “Blog/social graphic”, with a description of her vision as a comment and a due date of next week. She chats the item to Sami, Contoso Food’s design lead.

1:00 PNM

During a virtual meeting with the grocery chain supporting the launch, Lynn learns they are all set for sampling booths. She goes back into the Cookie Launch list and switches the status for the “Sampling booth” item to “Ready”.

2:00 PM

Lynn changes the status for the billboard item in the list to “Ready” after receiving a chat from Ray that confirms everything is ready for the billboards, even with the deadline change. booth” item to “Ready”.

4:00 PM

Once Lynn has finished writing the blog and social media posts, she goes into her list, attaches her Word Document with the draft text, then adds her manager to the item to review. She switches the status of the item to “Draft needs approval”.

5:30 PM

Getting gas on the way home, Lynn gets an email that the status for the item “Blog/social graphic” has been modified. Opening her list, she sees the item is “In Progress”, with a comment from Sami that the design team is working on the graphic and should be finished by the end of the week. She makes a note to prepare for the next publishing stage after design wraps up and is approved by her manager