A day in the life of an IT admin using Microsoft Search

8:30 AM

Tim starts his day from the bus by searching “my calendar” on his phone. His first meeting is at 9:00 AM. Yikes!

9:00 AM

His first meeting is about cutting help desk calls. Tim offers to lead the v-team focused on search solutions.

10:00 AM

At his desk, Tim uses the Insights dashboard to review the company’s top searches and the latest user feedback.

10:30 AM

Next, he sets up a Teams channel for the new v-team. He asks the team for a list of common helpdesk issues.

12:00 PM

Tim starts a list of links that might make good bookmarks for the helpdesk issues. He sends them to the team.

12:15 PM

He’s meeting a friend for lunch. A quick Bing search gives him directions to the restaurant and a menu preview.

1:45 PM

Tim hasn’t met all of the v-team, so he searches everyone’s name to see org charts and office locations.

2:30 PM

Some users have been searching for “EHP.” He adds an acronym answer with all the info. It’ll be live tomorrow!

3:30 PM

Tim leads the first v-team meeting on Teams. They prioritize his bookmark ideas and come up with next steps.

5:00 PM

His boss stops by to tell him she’s getting great feedback from the v-team. That promo is looking promising.