A day in the life of an HR professional using Microsoft Teams

7:45 AM

Starts the day at home by checking the Activity Feed for notifications from channels he follows and where he’s been @mentioned.

8:30 AM

While commuting, uses the Microsoft Teams smartphone app to join the daily status meeting for the Event Planning Team.

9:30 AM

Allan accesses the recruiting events spreadsheet in the Files tab and works with other team members to co-edit in Excel.

10:30 AM

He saves the executive coach CV and presentation into the Leadership Retreat Planning channel for review by the broader team.

11:45 AM

Creates a new College Recruiting channel within the HR team. Posts link to the draft schedule and invite key team members to provide feedback.

12:00 PM

Adds event management guests to the team.

1:00 PM

Double booked, so he uses Teams to review meeting notes in OneNote and watches the latest executive townhall.

1:45 PM

Reads the latest Yammer news about employee engagement via the Teams connector. Pops over to Yammer to participate in the conversation.

3:00 PM

Checks the planner tab to ensure assigned tasks and due dates are completed for key milestones for the upcoming event.

4:00 PM

Uses the Stream tab to share event location video shot by interns. Adds video topic to the team conversation in the Leadership Retreat Planning channel.

4:30 PM

Uses the Hootsuite link on the Social Media channel to review new content and checks the latest industry specific news.

5:15 PM

To coordinate arrival and departure times for the event, Allan adds Kayak bot to Teams to help team members search for flights and hotels, then heads home.

7:30 PM

After dinner, Allan searches Teams to locate all conversations and files related to the event in preparation for tomorrow’s Leadership Retreat planning meeting.