A day in the life of a field office program manager with HUD using Microsoft Teams

9:00 AM

Olivia starts her workday by reviewing her email in Outlook and Activity Feed in Teams. She notices a few missed calls on her Teams app and listens to voicemails over coffee.

10:00 AM

She is assigned a new case and recalls a similar case she worked on alongside her colleague Jack. She looks through his chat history in Teams to find out how they handled the case.

10:30 AM

Olivia sends a Teams meeting invite to external Public Housing partners to discuss new city development efforts. During the call she uses the Meeting Notes functionality and records the meeting. Partners who are not able to make the meeting, can later listen to it on Microsoft Stream.

11:30 AM

After the call, Olivia goes through the meeting notes and summarizes the new development efforts into Word. She uploads and pins the document as a tab in the “City Development’s” Teams channel. She @mentions the Field Office Supervisor and begins assigning tasks using Planner.

2:00 PM

he completes her case review and navigates to the Case Determinations Team and uploads her findings document to the Team’s channel conversation. This automatically stores the file in the Team’s Files tab, which includes the legally required retention and information protection policies.

3:30 PM

Her supervisor gets notified of the update and starts a private chat to congratulate Olivia on the case review.

4:00 PM

She attends an online Town Hall hosted by the Director of HUD. All 8,000 employees can join the event using Teams Live Events.

5:00 PM

Olivia ends her day by ensuring her Planner tasks are complete and heads home after a productive day!