A day in the life of a professor using Microsoft Search

8:30 AM

Before heading to campus, Ed searches “my calendar” to see his schedule. He has time for a cup of coffee!

8:45 AM

While drinking his coffee, he searches “my conversations” to read the latest about the proposed curriculum.

9:30 AM

Ed needs to update the deck based on the chat feedback. He searches “my files,” finds it, and starts editing.

10:00 AM

Next, he wants to follow up with a prof from the chat. Ed searches for her in PowerPoint and messages her.

10:45 AM

During office hours, a student asks about remote learning. Ed searches and quickly finds the school’s policy.

11:30 AM

Ed’s meeting has moved and his schedule is tight. He checks the building’s floor plan so he won’t get lost.

2:15 PM

Walking to his meeting, a student asks when the Dean’s List will be up. A quick mobile search finds the bookmark.

3:30 PM

A colleague has just published a new book. Ed searches Bing to see the latest reviews—and orders a copy

4:30 PM

He gets an invite to the “SCIP Forum.” He searches “SCIP” and gets a definition plus last year’s event report.

5:00 PM

Ed’s department head messages to tell him “great job on today’s presentation.” He signs off with a smile.