A day in the life of a teacher using Microsoft Lists

8:00 AM

Happy Monday! Before the school day starts, Laura checks her personal “Class Planning” list, where she keeps track of lesson plans and class schedule for the two math classes she teaches. Laura sees that she’s teaching Chapter 3 in her math class this week, and it’s her student Erin’s turn to be “Expert of the Week.” Laura clicks on the attachment in the list item to review her lesson plan.

11:00 AM

As her math class comes to an end, Laura opens the “Math Class” list on Microsoft Teams, a shared list her students use to organize class resources and assignments. She reminds students that the Expert of the Week rubric is attached to the list and the study guide for the Chapter 3 quiz will be added that evening.

12:00 PM

During her lunch break, Laura checks her email and sees that a new student will be joining her class next month. The email includes the student’s name and contact information. Laura opens her “Class Roster” list, creates a new item for the student, and populates it with the student’s name, email, home phone, and cell phone.

1:00 PM

It’s time for Laura’s other math class. Today, Laura is handing out new textbooks to her students. Laura opens her “Math Textbook” list with each of the textbook IDs (utilizing the Asset manager template), and populates it with the assigned student name and book condition.

2:00 PM

Laura has a free period and decides to get some grading done. She opens her “Chapter 2 Grading” list and starts going through the stack of Chapter 2 homework. With each assignment she finishes, Laura searches the student’s name in the list and switches the progress column for the item from “Not started” to “Completed”. She also refers to the “Turned in” column, where she noted earlier whether each student’s assignment was turned in on time, late, or not at all.

3:30 PM

Laura joins an events committee meeting, and they discuss the upcoming bake sale. The committee uses a list called “Bake Sale”, created from the Work progress tracker template, to track planning activities and responsibilities. Laura has the idea for the school’s office admin to help send a flyer to all school parents, and adds it as a list item with a due date of next week and the admin as the owner.

8:00 PM

In the evening, Laura finishes putting the Chapter 3 study guide together and attaches the file to the “Chapter 3 Exam” item in her “Math Class” list. This triggers a Teams notification to all students in the Teams channel so everyone can review the same document as a link.