Marketing scenario: Creating a marketing Bill of Materials (Copilot for Microsoft 365)

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Using Copilot to create a marketing Bill of Materials

1. Brainstorm assets

Use Microsoft Copilot to brainstorm a list of assets for an upcoming announcement. Ask Copilot about what assets are currently available.​

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Copilot Studio icon

Copilot Studio

Benefit: Kickstart your project as you spark ideas with Copilot and take inventory of what is already available.​

2. Create taglines

Prompt Copilot to come up with a clever tagline for the PR announcement that will be on all marketing materials, tying them together. ​

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Benefit: Creating captivating taglines is an art – get started by using the power of the AI language model.

3. Create a messaging framework

Create your messaging and positioning framework by using Copilot in Word to generate a draft, referencing key documents.​

Word icon

Copilot in Word

Benefit: Get to a first draft quickly by relying on Copilot in Word for starting your Messaging and Positioning Framework.

Try in Copilot Lab: Create a messaging framework

4. Meet with product group

Meet with the product group and use Copilot in Teams to summarize the meeting and identify action items to ensure alignment on key features. 

Microsoft Teams icon

Copilot in Teams

Benefit: Leverage meeting recap to capture action items and alignment to move forward.

Try in Copilot Lab: Summarize meetings and videos

5. Build assets

Build out additional assets like a product narrative and pitch deck with Copilot in Word and PowerPoint. Use Copilot to generate copy and images.

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Copilot in PowerPoint

Word icon

Copilot in Word

Benefit: Use Draft with Copilot to create a product narrative and then Create a presentation adding notes, the product description document and other context.

Try in Copilot Lab: Create a product narrative

6. Track inventory

Use Copilot in Loop to collaborate with graphic designers and various groups on status of assets (draft, in design, in review).

Microsoft Loop icon

Copilot in Loop

Benefit: Use Copilot in Loop to help everyone get to the point by summarizing the content of a Loop page and the content of documents linked in the workspace.

1Access Copilot at or the Microsoft Copilot mobile app and set toggle to “Web”.
2Access Copilot at, the Microsoft Copilot mobile app, or the Copilot app in Teams, and set toggle to “Work”.

The content in this example scenario is for demonstration purposes only. You should evaluate how Copilot aligns with your organization’s business processes, regulatory requirements, and responsible AI principles.