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What is the Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board is comprised of both Microsoft full-time employees and volunteer community leaders from around the world. Four (4) Microsoft full-time employees who have community management as a part of their core accountabilities and a long history of community leadership serve as the internal Steering Committee. Each Microsoft employee is also required to designate a delegate to ensure continuity for the Steering Committee in the long term.

From over 130 applicants, seven (7) external community leaders were appointed to initial 18-month Board Officer terms. Additionally, the initial four (4) regional leaders were also nominated to help spread the word, support Community Days events, and ensure global access to community resources.

Microsoft Community Advisory Board


User Groups



Sub-committee structure will initially be based on the areas shown above

What the Community Advisory Board does

  • Board members directly influence the direction of Microsoft community programs.
  • Gather and amplify feedback from the community at large to the Microsoft Steering Committee and product leaders.
  • Recruit regional leadership to ensure diverse perspectives and equitable access to resources.
  • Provide support for community-driven events, including marketing, swag, logistics, speakers and playbooks.
  • Direct User Group services, program resources, and awareness campaigns.
  • Support a community-led, Microsoft-scaled website for event and User Group discovery, speaker bureau, and tools.
  • Curate recommended best practices and training for community leaders.

Opportunities to participate

Our Community Advisory Board will be organized into regional areas and sub-committees, and we’d love to have you contribute. There is room for everyone in this inclusive and fun group. Bring your passion area and we’ll create space for your ideas, inspiration, and feedback! Sign up to participate in the General Sessions and volunteer today.

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Meet the board

Community Leaders

Rodolfo Castro profile picture
Rodolfo Castro
Solutions Architect, Microsoft and Unified Communications

Thomas Daly profile picture
Thomas Daly
Collaboration Director
SoHo Dragon
United States

Isidora Katanic profile picture
Isidora Katanic
Community Manager
Experts Inside AG

Mike Maadarani profile picture
Mike Maadarani
Cloud Solutions Architect
MCM Consulting

Jennifer Mason profile picture
Jennifer Mason
VP, Workforce Transformation & Learning
Planet Technologies
United States

Oluwaseyi Oluwawumiju profile picture
Oluwaseyi Oluwawumiju (Seyi)
Management Executive
Convenant Technologies

Mark Rackley profile picture
Mark Rackley
Group Manager, Modern Workplace Architect
United States

Sharon Sumner profile picture
Sharon Sumner
CEO – Evangelist of Automated, Business Delegated Office 365 governance
United Kingdom

Regional Leaders

Tom Arbuthnot profile picture
Tom Arbuthnot
Co-Founder, Empowering Cloud & Solution Director
Pure IP
United Kingdom

Robert Bogue profile picture
Robert Bogue
Thor Projects LLC
United States

Daniel Glenn profile picture
Daniel Glenn
Owner & Microsoft 365 Consultant
United States

Adis Jugo profile picture
Adis Jugo
CEO, SW Teams Consulting GmbH
Co-Founder, Lead Architect, Board Member,
Co-Founder, Deputy CEO, Lead Architect, KORTO
Co-founder, Board Member,

David Leveille​ profile picture
David Leveille​
President, Crush Networks, Inc.​
Mexico & United States

Wes Preston​ profile picture
Wes Preston​
Owner/Consultant, TrecStone ​
United States

Carlos Solis​ profile picture
Carlos Solis​
Associate Vice President Technology Innovation​
Texas State University​
United States

Microsoft Steering Committee Officers

The Microsoft Steering Committee is supported by over 300 professional community managers within Microsoft who contribute to all varieties of communities in our ecosystem. The leaders below also lead an internal Community Council to better organize these efforts from within our global organization. This is a #OneMicrosoft team effort.

Karuana Gatimu profile picture
Karuana Gatimu
Principal Manager, Customer Advocacy Group
Microsoft Teams Engineering

OHeather Newman profile picture
Heather Newman
Principal Manager, Community Success
Power Platform & Dynamics 365 Engineering

Scott Hanselman profile picture
Scott Hanselman
Developer Division

Tiffany Lee profile picture
Tiffany Lee
Global Community Events Manager

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