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September 2023 content updates for Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways

September 29, 2023

We are happy to announce new content updates to Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways (M365LP), our free and customizable, on-demand training solution for September 2023. This update included five (5) new playlists for Microsoft Viva Engage, under the Microsoft 365 training section. The new playlists are below. Read our what’s new documentation here for more details.

  • Get started with Viva Engage
  • Communities
  • Storyline
  • Leadership
  • Answers in Viva
  • Campaigns
  • Analytics
  • Viva Engage Mobile App


Microsoft Viva Engage playlists screenshot

Microsoft Viva Engage playlists

Since 2019, M365LP has been helping drive healthy usage and adoption of Microsoft 365 apps and services, providing customers with content streamed from Microsoft for key services such as Microsoft Teams, Office apps (e.g., Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), Planner and more. Once installed, this solution can be customized to your organization’s brand and service usage, custom playlists can be created for your own business processes, and the entire experience is configured in SharePoint Online to give you maximum familiarity and flexibility. Learn more about M365LP here.

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways screenshot

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways, your customizable, on-demand training solution

Our upcoming releases will include Viva Insights and Viva Topics in December (previously October) and Viva Amplify in January (previously November).

Use this new content and our upcoming releases as an opportunity to update your app and re-engage your users. On-demand, micro training is a great way to help people learn in the flow of work.