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March 29, 2023

Reveal of the new Microsoft Teams (Preview)On March 27, 2023, Microsoft announced the preview of the new Microsoft Teams. This end-to-end upgrade of our core collaboration experience is faster, simpler, and more flexible. Our page here on ( provides you all the information and resources you need to take advantage of our improvements in the Teams experience. This launch is a major milestone for Microsoft and the users who rely on Teams for their daily work. As an Adoption Specialist or IT Professional, it’s essential to understand the changes that come with this new version and how they will impact your organization.

Remember – this isn’t a migration! This is a new experience, that once enabled by your tenant administrator will come directly to your desktop. You can switch back and forth at any time using the in-product toggle to make things simple.

As you think about how to best leverage all our improvements keep in mind these steps:

Best practices:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the resources on our main page.
  2. Review the features that are still in development during this Preview.
  3. Think about the users in your organization who may immediately benefit from the increased performance and flexibility. These are users who primarily use teams for chat and meetings.
  4. Pause before giving the new experience to super users who frequently use 3rd party apps and other features that will be made available later this calendar year.

#Pro tip – Many of us keep classic Teams open in a browser window to access those features not yet available in the new Teams. This gives us the best of both worlds.

Still have questions?
Visit us in the Teams Technical Community to get your questions answered. We are reviewing our main resource pages on a weekly basis to ensure you have the information and assets you need to make this a pleasurable transition. Remember to keep the feedback coming through our normal channels!