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By enabling today’s robust cloud solutions, IT Professionals help deliver an always available Modern Workplace to help your organization achieve greater results. Discover what is available to help deploy, manage, and secure Microsoft 365 and learn which solutions can improve your organization’s IT processes and success.

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Microsoft 365 Governance

Manageable deployments that create streamlined user experiences are possible with governance capabilities in Microsoft 365. Step through our guidance to understand how best to implement this in your environment.

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Find and prioritize scenarios while learning about the available resources as you plan for the rollout and adoption of Microsoft 365. This is critical to your journey and how you set business goals to measure success. Include key leadership stakeholders and sponsors from the beginning to get an experienced layout of how this will affect the organization and help the people within it.

Implementation guidance for priority scenarios



Work with those stakeholders to build and launch your adoption plan. Prepare your environment and test your deployment approach with early adopters, your Champion community, and others. Go into onboarding with the support and validated business scenarios that help achieve successful outcomes. Use feedback to adjust before moving to organizational-wide deployments.

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Drive value

Full-scale deployment and business success depends on the usage and satisfaction your organization gets from the solutions you are now enabling and supporting. Planning through the Envision and Onboarding stages will help to ensure a successful campaign of driving value that matters to your unique organization.

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IT Showcase

Discover the inside story of how Microsoft does IT. IT Showcase shares the blueprint of Microsoft reinvention, helping you learn from our experience and accelerate your transformation.

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Broadening your horizons

Curious about how you can learn more about other role types and how we all contribute to the success of others? Explore and learn more to see where you may want to grow your skills or gain a deeper understanding of other roles:



Champions help build, grow, and sustain the Microsoft 365 rollout and solutions by evangelizing and helping their peers with modern technology. See their superpowers from the topics below:
Learn – Service Adoption is at the heart of being a successful champion. Get certified today!
See – Browse our adoption guides to share the importance of our services with your stakeholders.
Do – Connect with other Champions to share best practices, learn from an open and welcoming community, and find new sparks of innovation to help champion adoption!

Business User

Business User

Business Users collaborate with all other roles to get the work done and achieve the organization’s goals. Learn more by diving into some topics below:
Learn – How Business Users leverage applications to move the organization forward.
See – Success stories from organizations around the world and how Microsoft 365 solutions have impacted their business.
Do – How are Business Users enabling and thriving with remote work and join the discussion space to learn more.



Developers are connecting and building productivity experiences that extend the Modern Workplace even deeper into your organization. Learn more about how they build solutions and work below:
Learn – Check out some fundamentals for learning development concepts across the Microsoft 365 products.
See – How Microsoft employees turned to Power Platform in 2020 to create their own solutions with minimal code.
Do – Join other developers in learning and achieving more in our Developer Community.

IT Professional