Streamline end user training

Provide on-demand, up-to-date training for your employees.

Streamline end user training

Use Microsoft training resources to empower your employees with productivity services that deliver value from anywhere. Leverage free online content, communities, templates, and tools that keep up with the pace of change. Build knowledge to solve business challenges, engage with customers, and achieve your goals.

Embrace our best practices for end user training:

  • Put training in the context of day to day tasks.
  • Allow people to opt-in to longer form training.
  • Everyone learns differently. Design a plan to accommodate different styles.
  • Provide digital training leave behinds like our Day in the Life handouts to remind people of what is available to them.

Use our resources to simplify preparation for your training programs:

Champion resources

Champions are critical to the success of adoption. They are power-users with a desire to help others along the way. Often, they are closest to the business outcomes your organization is trying to realize. Empower them with our programs or become one yourself by learning in our world wide community.
Ensure your Champions and trainers have access to our online resources.
Microsoft 365 Champion Program – Learn from others and receive free training in our community calls
Microsoft Transform – Resources to help you plan your transformation
Productivity Library – Library of scenarios with assets and training
Productivity Training – Scenario based training to ready people to maximize their productivity

Invest in yourself and build your skills

We support your investment in your career. From end user learning to helping others as a Champion to building the technical skills it takes to be an  IT Professional we have materials to support your growth. Learn more about the Microsoft skills initiative.

IT Pro resources

Microsoft Admin Portal – Access reports and tracking tools
Microsoft Docs – Technical documentation for developers and IT professionals