Microsoft Copilot for Sales

Designed for sellers, Copilot for Sales brings sales data and insights in the flow of work to help sellers save time, focus on customers, and close more deals. Copilot for Sales is experienced within Microsoft 365 and connects directly to Dynamics and Salesforce CRMs for real-time data and updates.

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Microsoft Copilot for Sales is a seller experience application that uses Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to automatically capture, access, and register data into any customer relationship management (CRM) system. By enriching the data set with customer engagement data from Microsoft 365 and the power of AI, Copilot for Sales empowers sellers with sales intelligence that helps them deeply understand their customers for faster deal closure.

To understand the vision for Microsoft Copilot business, we recommend starting with Satya Nadella’s announcement and the resources below, then click through to see tailored resources for specific roles.

Business User

In addition, we have curated a selection of training resources to assist users in boosting their sales performance with Copilot for Sales.

Adoption Manager

Driving adoption is a human centric action, an ongoing user and stakeholder engagement process. Use the resources below as a starting point and check back as we are constantly creating new assets to help you drive healthy usage in your organization.

IT Professional

We are entering a new era of AI, one that is fundamentally changing how we relate to and benefit from technology. IT Professionals and admins play a critical role in an organization’s ability to prepare for and leverage the power of AI.  

Check out our technical documentation to find the most up-to-date information on technical requirements, policies, enabling users, and reporting.

In addition, here are several other resources that have been specifically selected to help IT Pros and admins start this exciting journey.

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The Copilot for Sales community is your hub for the official blog, latest news, and discussions.

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