Microsoft Lists Adoption

Stay on top of it all with Lists, your smart information tracking app in Microsoft 365. Work with anyone, anywhere. Configure your lists to better organize events, issues, assets, and more.

Adoption playbook

The Success Factors outlined in this guide will help make sure you're setup for a successful roll-out with Microsoft Lists.

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Additional resources

View our resource library of videos, demos, podcasts, blog posts and more to better adopt Microsoft Lists into your organization.

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Steps on your adoption journey

Get started

Microsoft Lists simplifies tracking and organizing information, and is included in your Microsoft 365 subscription. Use this guidance to understand how Lists can be used at your organization and begin with the rollout process.

Engage your org

Resources to plan and support the announcement and initial introduction of Lists to your organization.

Train your org

Remember, you are not in this alone. You have access to free online content, resources, templates, and tools to help you and your organization learn how to effectively use Lists.

Connect with communities

Build or join a community to learn from peers and experts who can help streamline your adoption journey.

Secure your environment

Microsoft analytics and resources are available to help you improve engagement and enhance communication in your organization.

On-demand virtual workshop

Watch part one and part two of this on-demand workshop – to learn how your team can utilize Microsoft Lists to simplify tracking and organizing information. You’ll also find materials to deliver the workshop to your organization (PowerPoint, speaker notes, and demo materials).

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