Champion Management Platform

The Microsoft 365 Champion Management Platform is a toolkit designed to help you manage, scale, and inspire your teamwork champions to achieve more.

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Inspire the next chapter of your champion program

Champions inspire us to work in new and exciting ways, unlocking workplace tools and achieving more. Make sure you are investing in a strong
champion program by visiting our role guide.

The Champion Management Platform will help you onboard, manage, and inspire champions in your organization to accelerate results. Installing our solution inside Microsoft Teams will provide a hub to track the champions’ impact on your employee learning initiatives, your adoption program progress, and recognize them with our popular Digital Badge showcasing their contributions.

The Champion Management Platform is built leveraging SharePoint framework and loaded directly into a channel within Microsoft Teams. You can load it to an existing champion team or deploy a new team template specifically for champions and load the solution there. The solution provides three main areas to help you manage your program:

  • Program management
  • Leaderboard
  • Digital Badge
  • Tournament of Teams

As we continue to depend on our champions to inspire and aid organizations with teamwork, this toolset will help evangelize the hard work they are doing, as well as surface the opportunity for more to join.

Program managementProgram management​

The first part of this toolset aims to help manage the champions in your organization by keeping a list of members, enabling the ability to signup new champions, and providing an approval system to onboard new members into the champion program.

  • Add members to the program easily through integrated people search
  • Assign Region, Country, Group, and Focus areas to help differentiate champions
  • Easily view lists and filter based on criteria

Facilitating membership into the platform can be managed from directly within the tool. Current champions can nominate new champions, and anyone who is not in the program can request to join.



The leaderboard allows you to track campaigns across the champion group. You will be able to define the types of activities and point values. Champions will be able to see their ranking from a global perspective, based on people near them in regions, as well as the focus area they have assigned.

  • View central Leaderboard to showcase champion member status
  • Leverage Microsoft Lists to create and assign campaigns and point values for tracking
  • Showcases number of completed campaigns and event dates and types

With the ability to customize the types of events tracked, you can now leverage the champion management platform to help inspire champions to complete several activities such as moderating events, hosting office hours, writing blogs, and more.

Digital badgeDigital Badge

Digital Badge allows you to easily overlay a teamwork champion badge over your profile image for display across the Microsoft 365 solutions. Showcasing this badge helps to identify champions and provide a bit of recognition for their contributions to the role.

  • Easily apply the teamwork champion logo over the user’s current profile image
  • Allows for the current image without the overlay to be downloaded and retained

This integrates directly into the Champion Management Platform and allows for any champion who is in the program to update their profile image.

Tournament of TeamsTournament of Teams​

Enable new adoption themed tournaments for the entire organization to participate in that help connect Champions and their pursuit of healthy usage ideas for your organization to fun engagement via these tournaments to inspiring users to achieve more!

  • Create and deliver tournaments to help drive healthy usage of the scenarios and tools your users need
  • Inspire users and run campaigns promoting new learnings and deep link learnings to more precise and actionable information for knowledge directly relation to the actions
  • Track and record tournament information for post event recognition and impact measurement

Tournament of Teams takes your Champion enablement to the next level by leveraging the impact of those inspiring others to achieve more! Create actions, start a tournament, and inspire new learnings!

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