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Keep your SharePoint content in Microsoft 365 with cost-effective, long-term cold tier storage – without sacrificing manageability, security, and compliance.

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Data and cost overloads

In the absence of an effective archiving solution, organizations grapple with unmanageable data volumes, escalating storage costs, and inefficient data retrieval processes, hindering productivity and compliance.

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Why Microsoft 365 Archive?

  • Pay for Archive costs only if your total storage exceeds tenant’s storage quota
  • Zero migration effort
  • Easy admin searchability
  • Up to 75% cost saving
  • Assurance of Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance
  • Free 7-day restorability
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Archive your content in place
in SharePoint

When content exceeds your SharePoint Online tenant’s limit, the typical solution is to purchase additional storage regardless of how actively that content is being used. But with Microsoft 365 Archive, you can store your expanding SharePoint content at a lower cost and easily reactivate it with a few clicks.

The best part? You only pay for Microsoft 365 Archive when your total storage surpasses the tenant’s quota. So, if you choose to archive some existing SharePoint data and remain within the quota, there’s no extra charge. Experience cost-effective, efficient storage with Microsoft 365 Archive.

Microsoft 365 Archive screenshot
Microsoft 365 Archive screenshot

List of key features

  • Maintain valuable Microsoft 365 security & compliance: Use Microsoft 365 Archive + Microsoft Purview to maintain the same security and compliance including retention policies, eDiscovery, sensitivity labels and DLP (data loss prevention)
  • Keep the richness of your data: Your content maintains the same searchability as Microsoft Search indexes while in archive storage

Pricing details

Archived data tier storage:

Reactivation of archived data after 7 days:

Walkthrough an overview of Microsoft 365 Archive

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Microsoft 365 Archive is now generally available

Setup Microsoft 365 Archive and start benefiting from a cost-effective tiered storage in place within the Microsoft 365 boundary.

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