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Your in-place backup solution with lightning-fast restorability from Microsoft to ensure business continuity.

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Ransomware is a growing threat to businesses of all sizes

Ransomware attacks are common and costly. Long restore timelines weaken business continuity goals and reduce user productivity. Migration of data in/out of off-site backups impacts tenant performance and creates data management complexity.

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Why Microsoft 365 Backup

  • Restore data within hours vs. weeks or months
  • Immutable backup protection against data destruction attacks
  • Self-service backup and restore within Microsoft Admin Center or through a trusted ISV partner
  • Microsoft 365 security and trust coverage, plus geo residency adherence for backup data

Microsoft 365 products supported by Microsoft 365 Backup


Back up and restore OneDrive accounts with full fidelity (e.g., all metadata and permissions), with file level granular restore coming soon.

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Back up and restore SharePoint sites with full fidelity (e.g., all metadata and permissions), with file level granular restore coming soon.

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Microsoft Exchange

Back up and restore mailboxes, including granular restore of deleted items from accidental deletion or malware.

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Microsoft Teams

Coming soon

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List of key features

  • Express restore points: Leverage Microsoft 365 Backup recommended express restore points to restore your data faster
  • Backup all or select: SharePoint sites, OneDrive accounts, and Exchange mailboxes in your tenant
  • Granular restore: You can look forward to file granular restore of mailbox items, coming soon for SharePoint and OneDrive.
  • Search or filter: Effortlessly navigate through your backups using key metadata like site names, key owners, items, or event types within specific date ranges of restore points

Pricing details

Storage on Microsoft 365 Backup:
$0.15/GB /month

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