Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways is a free and customizable on-demand training solution designed to support custom training content in context and increase the skills of people using Microsoft 365 services in your organization.

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New content updates

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways strives to adhere to a quarterly content update cycle. Our latest update in June 2023 included new playlists for Microsoft Loop and Microsoft Viva Goals. Read our documentation for more details. To learn more about how content updates are applied and how to manage content updates, see Manage Content Updates.

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways
delivers on customer requests

  • Customizable experience to align to your usage and adoption plans.
  • Open ecosystem to integrate customer or Microsoft Partner content.
  • On-demand delivery of up-to-date Microsoft product training.

Building the digital skills of employees in bite-sized ways is critical to adoption. Without that, users are left frustrated with the pace of change and trying to navigate all the new capabilities. Our solution enables Champions, training managers and business leaders to use the tools they already have to deliver this knowledge.

Deliver your own custom training

Use our solution to design and deliver your own custom training playlists in your organization. Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways is delivered in a modern SharePoint experience which gives you maximum flexibility to design an employee training program that works for you. You can:

  • Add other intranet assets to playlist pages.
  • Embed the Learning Pathways webpart in other sites.
  • Add external content like YouTube videos into playlists.

The possibilities are endless and this solution is free with your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Integrate with Microsoft Teams using our Get Started app template

Configure our Get Started app template to bring the power of Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways inside of Microsoft Teams. This app template allows you to grant easy access to specific training pages or other intranet assets. Change the app name or logo to match your company branding.

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Get Started

Learn more about Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways at and get started delivering customized on-demand training to your employees. Give us feedback and suggestions at We are always listening!

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways Partners

Microsoft Partners are an important part of helping customers achieve their goals with Microsoft 365. The partners listed below have experience in the implementation of Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways and provide additional services. Learn more about their skills below.

PuzzlePart logo

We are the spearhead of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint in Crayon Group which is present in over 20 countries worldwide. We deliver complete collaboration solutions, specialist consulting, and support to a wide range of industries. As the largest professional community on Microsoft 365 in an innovative Norwegian market, we are at the forefront, and our solutions get attention at Microsoft and at conferences worldwide.

Storyals logo

Storyals provides story-based learning solutions and high-quality adoption services, to build digital skills for the modern workplace. Storyals inspire, motivate and educate users to achieve more – one story at a time.

VisualSP logo

Ensure that your employees get the on-demand training exactly when and where they need it. Put the VisualSP contextual microlearning platform to work for your team today.

Workplace Buddy logo

Get insights in the digital dexterity and skills of your organization along with clear reporting on where to improve. Based on the results colleagues get a personal learning journey with relevant e-learnings.​

Planet Technologies logo

Evolve 365 is a Planet Technologies methodology and service that drives learning and promotes user adoption. Our Learning Strategists will work with you to build custom learning solutions that fit your needs and your workforce. Organizational Change Management and Future Proofing Your Work Force are goals as we transition our customers from reactive training models to being lifelong learners. ​

365 Akademie logo

365 Akademie supports your employees with short learning videos in the “moment of need”, to learn new digital skills and experience modern work with Microsoft 365, Windows and Security Fundamentals – The video nuggets are based on use cases, customized and integrated in your Microsoft 365.

Sympraxis Consulting logo

Sympraxis works with organizations of all sizes and across all industries to help improve collaboration and communication with Microsoft 365, SharePoint on-premises, and Azure. We have extensive experience working with the financial services, life sciences, education, manufacturing, and legal industries. Let us help you work better, together.​

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