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Podcast Azure for Executives

Experts discuss how Microsoft is helping to form the digital future across industries with Azure! Thought leader guests discuss how Microsoft is moving industries forward.

Podcast Behind the Tech with Kevin Scott

Join Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott for Behind the Tech, a podcast that goes behind-the-scenes with today’s most innovative tech leaders.

Show Coffee in the Cloud

View short videos over a cup of coffee as Karuana Gatimu discusses popular modern workplace topics, recommended practices for adoption and our #PeopleFirst strategy that delivers innovation, diversity and inclusivity across your company.

Podcast Directors on Digital

A new podcast series brought to you by Company Director and Microsoft featuring leading directors and their stories on driving digital transformation.

Podcast GossipINT

GossipINT is a podcast that helps listeners learn critical thinking concepts by applying them to well-known pop culture events and real-world, technology-focused examples.

Podcast Industry Conversations by Microsoft

The pace of change and the sheer speed at which the world is redefining what’s possible presents new and powerful opportunities for organizations. The series covers how technology can benefit people—their workflows and their efficiency.

Show Inside Microsoft Teams

A series for IT professionals where members of Microsoft’s leadership, engineering teams, and tech communities, share best practices for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.

Podcast Low Code Approach

Learn from MVPs, Product, and Power Platform users how organizations adopt, develop solutions, and implement governance with Microsoft Power Platform.

Podcast Media in Minutes with Simon and Andy

Media and entertainment veterans Simon Crownshaw and Andy Beach chat with each other, industry heavyweights, and technical experts about how technology is transforming the media and entertainment landscape.

Podcast Microsoft 365 Dev Podcast

Ayca Bas, Paul Schaeflein and Jeremy Thake talk to Microsoft 365 product managers about the latest Microsoft 365 Developer news across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Microsoft Graph and more.

Show Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Virtual Ninja Training

A training series based on the Ninja blog, bringing you up to speed quickly on Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Podcast Microsoft Research

An ongoing series of conversations bringing you right up to the cutting edge of Microsoft Research.

Podcast Microsoft Research India Podcast

A technology and research podcast from Microsoft Research India.

Show Mondays at Microsoft

Catch up with Karuana Gatimu and Heather Cook on all the latest Community news and events on “Mondays at Microsoft” – recorded LIVE on LinkedIn.

Show On the Go with Sanjay Ravi

With executive guests from top organizations in the mobility space, Sanjay Ravi dives into the what, why, and how of game-changing innovations in the industry—both those in market and not-yet in market.

Podcast Paradigm Shift

Hear eight fascinating stories that will tell you about the kind of metamorphosis that is possible at the intersection of human and artificial intelligence.

Podcast Pivotal with Hayete Gallot

Pivotal with Hayete Gallot spotlights the heroes who are giving technology its purpose and driving impact for their business, community, and society.

Podcast Public Sector Future

Public Sector Future discusses real stories from public sector leaders who have been successful at driving change. Hear their first-hand experiences, challenges their users face, and lessons learned.

Show Taking Stock with Shelley Bransten

Taking Stock with Shelley Bransten, spotlights the life stories and journeys of leaders, influencers, and disruptors at the intersection of brands, retail, and technology.

Podcast Tech Fit 4 Europe

Join Casper Klynge, Microsoft’s Vice President of European Government Affairs, in conversation with the people behind the policies that shape our use of technology.

Podcast The Intrazone

The Intrazone is your bi-weekly conversation and interview podcast hosted by the SharePoint team. The show highlights usage, adoption, and how SharePoint works for you.

Show Tools and Weapons with Brad Smith

Tackling the toughest challenges at the intersection of tech and society.

Show Windows in the Cloud

Get a closer look at the latest features in Windows 365 plus demos and tips from the engineers and product team! This monthly series also offers tips and best practices to help you easily adopt, manage, and create a great Windows experience in the cloud.

Podcast Worklab

Hear stories from leaders and scientists about how people and organizations are transforming their work at this radical moment. Join us as we explore the science of work and ingenuity.


AI Business School

Microsoft’s AI Business School podcast highlights what business leaders should consider in their AI transformation.


Gov Pod

Gov Pod, a podcast by Microsoft that discusses the digital transformation of governments.


Microsoft Libraries and Museums

Explore digital transformation in museums and libraries from around the world. These interviews divulge emerging trends, common pitfalls, and reveal critical truths about digital change.


NextGen Health

NextGen Health, a podcast by Microsoft that discusses digital transformation in health.


Sync Up – a OneDrive podcast

We’ll take you behind the scenes of OneDrive, shedding light on how OneDrive connects you to all your files in Microsoft 365 so you can share and work together from anywhere.


The Inside Track

Explore the intersection of industry and technology that helps to accelerate the future of the automotive industry with host and resident car guy Kerry Lebel.


The Network

Explore how media, entertainment, and telecommunications accelerate innovation to improve customer experiences as more organizations adopt cloud-based services.


The Uptake

Host, Anna Chu, travels and interviews people all over the world as she follows the path of Microsoft Ignite The Tour worldwide and uncovers people’s journeys in this expanding community of tech.


Uncovering Hidden Risks

A podcast series focused on identifying and discussing the critical risks organizations face as they share hidden security threats that Microsoft and organizations are facing across the world.


Windows Insider

The Windows Insider Team is taking to the airwaves to share all things Windows, Insider community, and beyond!

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