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The Microsoft Global Community Initiative (MGCI) features event amplification, event production training, blogs, networking, technology and tools best practices, resources, playbooks, and more for the Microsoft Community.

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Why join the initiative?

Best practices. Training. Connections. Joining the MGCI gives you access to the Community Initiative team on the Microsoft Community Tenant, where you get exclusive benefits, such as invites to our monthly General Session meetings and opportunities to network and learn from other community members. You can also promote your event(s), access resources, join event producer training, and interact with the board members, regional leaders, and Microsoft steering leaders.

Who leads this initiative?

The Initiative comprises both community members and Microsoft employees and is dedicated to enhancing the connections between community members and the usage of Microsoft products. Community board members are appointed, and regional leaders apply and are voted on by the board. By providing guidance, technology, tools and playbooks, our goal is a better connected and engaged community for everyone.

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Why did this initiative start?

From the Microsoft Tech Community to in-person events and more around the world, Microsoft’s thriving technical community has supported learning, career development, and personal development for more than 30 years. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic deeply impacted community initiatives, like SharePoint Saturdays, that were already evolving to embrace more Microsoft 365 services. This led to discussions on how to continue supporting the community in this new normal. Like-minded people across the community, ecosystem, and industry came together to create the Microsoft Global Community Initiative (MGCI).

The MGCI embraces a central guiding principle: it is not led or controlled by Microsoft but instead directed by the community leaders themselves, supported by Microsoft resources, talent, and tools around the world.

A big thank you to the volunteer board members and regional leaders who give their time to support the community and this initiative.

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