Documentation for Custom Solutions

Microsoft 365 offers many opportunities for customizations to your environment. These custom solutions may have specific steps to follow and likely need training documentation to support their usage. Documenting and adding this training content to Learning Pathways for all user types helps ensure the solutions’ viability long-term, reduces technical debt, reduces support and maintenance costs, and supports end users’ ability to use the solution effectively.

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  • Business needs/problem

    Your company has a custom solution, for example a project management tracking app, that users in various roles interact with to complete different tasks. You need to provide unique guidance for each of these roles at the point of interaction. There is no documentation on your intranet to support this solution, so it requires institutional knowledge to use it effectively. End users need the ability to learn without leaving the context of the solution.
  • Business solution

    By identifying the different personas and creating customized documentation for each we can bring the knowledge to the worker right when they need it, limiting the friction to accomplish their tasks and remain productive. A solution would:
    • Identify the different personas interacting with the custom solution
    • Create documentation supporting the unique needs of each persona
    • Define intuitive information architecture to support each persona and their top tasks
    • Develop on-demand playlists surfacing training documentation
    • Surface playlists in-context of the custom solution (removing friction from end users’ ability to locate training)
  • Success factors

    By limiting the friction to accomplish their tasks and remain productive, employees benefit from:
    • A reduction in the time to locate information
    • Having documentation of the solution for their persona at their fingertips at the point of use