Advanced reporting, analytics, monitoring and dashboards for Teams

Clobba is an easy-to-use analytical and reporting tool which provides insights into user-adoption trends, call quality, employee productivity, call costs and much more. Clobba helps you turn Teams into a powerful environment for joined-up business-building.

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  • Business needs/problem

    Users of Teams require visibility of usage to ensure the business benefits of Teams are being realized. Whether the workforce is office based or remote-working, and even when using Teams to collaborate, there can be challenges around business continuity, employee productivity, customer service levels, user adoption, call quality and SIP trunk capacity.
  • Business solution

    Simple to use, Clobba delivers valuable insights into Teams performance and productivity. It drives user adoption and helps to improve the user experience whilst reducing costs and improving efficiencies. The emphasis is on quick and easy access to relevant information and the automation of reporting tasks. We understand that the IT Manager is going to have very different requirements from other heads of business and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ reporting solution is just not suitable for the modern workplace.
  • Business value

    Clobba delivers key information on Teams usage allowing for informed decision making. The information is used to address possible challenges that can be associated with Teams. The insights presented by Clobba are used to reduce call handling times through correct employee resource allocation and configuration of call queues and auto attendants. Teams user adoption is improved through highlighting OUs where adoption is low, highlighting a need for further education and training. Clobba also delivers when analyzing the root cause of call quality issues, ensuring capacity of SIP trunks is sufficient and efficient, highlighting high call costs, managing room usage and ensuring workers are using the correct, Teams-certified devices for their Teams calls, meetings and conferences.
  • Success factors

    Our customers have cited an increase in productivity with the performance metrics produced by Clobba. Troubleshooting call quality issues results in an increase in service delivery levels. Call costs can be managed and reduced through internal billing processes and adoption of Teams and certified devices ensures a successful return on investment.
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