Microsoft Community Tenant Help & Support

Learn how to set up your new team on the Microsoft Community Tenant, add members, schedule meetings, and more. Please review the getting started videos and FAQs on this page before contacting support.  

Signing in & getting started

Watch this video to review:

  • Completing the Community Tenant Participation Form
  • Getting new credentials
  • Logging into your new account

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Setting up a meeting in Microsoft Teams

Watch this video to review:

  • Setting up a Teams meeting
  • Changing your Meeting options
  • Sharing your meeting join linkt

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have an account on the Community Tenant but can no longer remember my username or password.

Please email your details including your full name and the email used to register to and we will assist you.

My event charges participants for entry, am I still eligible for a team on The Community Tenant?

Yes, community-led events operating not-for-profit are eligible for a team. Non-profit status (i.e., 501c3) is not required; however, commercial organizations do not qualify.

​How do I use Microsoft Teams on the web?

Go to and sign into Microsoft Teams using your username and password.  When asked how you would like to join, choose web client.  Click here to learn more.

Do I need to be an MVP to have a team on the Community Tenant?

No, anyone running a community based not-for-profit event focused on Microsoft technologies may request a team on the Community Tenant.

How do I add people to my team?

Use the Account Management Tool (AMT) to add owners, members, and guests to your team. Avoid using the Microsoft Teams client directly to add users as this will cause a poor onboarding experience. Login to the AMT with your credentials to add individuals or complete a bulk upload.

Do attendees need to be a member of my team to join a meeting I set up?

​No, you can send attendees a Teams meeting join link or add them to the To: line of the meeting invitation. Attendees will not be able to access the content in your team such as files, ongoing conversations, and recordings unless they are added to your team.

Tip: Do not schedule your meeting from within a Teams channel or select a channel when creating your meeting invite. This will create a channel meeting and attendees may not be able to see some features such as meeting chat.
Tip: Check your meeting settings to customize the way guests or other external users join your meeting.