A day in the life of a sales representative using Microsoft Search

8:00 AM

Amal starts his day by joining a Teams meeting to learn about the newest drug his company is offering.

9:00 AM

He has a meeting at a new doctor’s office today. He preps by researching the doctor and her clinic on Bing.

10:00 AM

Amal checks Bing Maps and sees there’s an accident on the way. It offers a route that’ll get him there on time.

10:30 AM

The doctor has a question about a drug during the meeting. Amal searches his conversations and gets the answer.

12:00 PM

The sales call went well. He searches Bing for a lunch spot nearby where he can grab a bite and do some work.

12:30 PM

Sales numbers should be out now. He searches for the sales report file—he hit his monthly quota a week early.

1:00 PM

Walking to his car, Amal passes a clinic. After a quick web search for the doctor, he decides to leave his card.

2:30 PM

Back at home for a sales meeting, someone uses an acronym he doesn’t know. A work search gets him up to speed.

3:30 PM

Samples have usually arrived by now. Did someone take them? He tracks the package on Bing—it’s on the way. Phew!

5:00 PM

Amal’s boss messages with kudos on hitting his quota. Looks like the promo to lead SE sales is in the bag.