A day in the life of a program manager using Microsoft Teams

7:00 AM

While eating breakfast, Justin does a quick check of both the Teams and Outlook mobile apps on his government-issued iPad. He makes sure to note his upcoming schedule for the day

8:00 AM

Arriving at the office, he checks his Teams Activity Feed on his desktop computer. He reviews his @mentions and sees he has been asked to put together a presentation about the status of the Teams deployment project for leadership.

9:30 AM

Before beginning any of his deliverables, Justin makes sure to jot down all of the tasks he and his team need to complete in the team’s OneNote tab.

10:00 AM

Justin starts working on his PowerPoint presentation and uploads the first draft to Teams so he can have colleagues help gather the right content. He @mentions Liz and asks her to add a slide on the Champions Program.

12:00 PM

While on his way to the cafeteria, an Airman tells him how their collaboration experience has drastically improved with Teams. Curious to learn more, Justin uses his mobile device to set up a meeting in Teams.

2:00 PM

Back at his desk, Justin finalizes his presentation and sends it directly to the CIO at the Pentagon via 1:1 chat for final review.

3:30 PM

Justin makes some final updates to the upcoming Government Fiscal Year budgets for his program. Justin edits the Excel document that is pinned as a tab in the GFY20 Budgets Team.

4:00 PM

Justin receives the go-ahead from the CIO on his presentation and the OK to deploy Teams to all of USAF. He is ecstatic and shares the news to his team in an announcements post in Teams.