A day in the life of an IT project manager using Microsoft 365

7:00 AM

Hamal starts the day at home by checking the Activity Feed in Microsoft Teams from his smartphone. He can quickly see updates in his priority channels and wherever he’s been @mentioned. He responds where appropriate.

8:30 AM

While commuting, he uses the Teams mobile app to join the change management daily stand up. From the Teams channel, everyone views the dashboard, powered by Microsoft Power BI, to track program performance indicators. His manager uses Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams to ink an idea. At the end of the call, Hamal volunteers to manage the relationship with a new training partner

9:00 AM

At his desk, he creates a new Teams channel for training. He includes his team and enables guest access for the partner’s PM and trainers. Next, he opens a Microsoft OneNote tab in Teams to draft the training schedule. Then, he uses Teams chat to ask the partners to provide input on the schedule.

9:45 AM

The partners upload their standard agenda and training materials to the Teams channel. No more emailing around documents and striving for version control! They also use Teams chat to say they are good with the proposed training schedule.

10:00 AM

Hamal walks over to the manufacturing building. For the next two hours, he shadows a group of shop floor workers to discover how their work can benefit from Contoso’s New Ways of Work initiative. From his Microsoft Surface Book, he takes notes and sketches potential use cases in OneNote.

1:00 PM

After lunch, he reviews his notes in OneNote and starts building out the CDO’s business case for shop floor workers in Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint Designer uses AI to automatically generate slide design ideas, enabling Hamal to build the deck rapidly. He still needs the CDO’s input about the executive summary slide, so he @mentions her in a comment, which alerts her to take action

2:00 PM

Hamal and his peers use coauthoring in Microsoft Word to assemble their input for the training docs. Instead of emailing attachments or waiting for checked-out documents, they work seamless together and complete their review faster. With presence indicators, they can see exactly where each person is editing in real time.

7:00 PM

Before leaving work, Hamal @mentions the partner’s PM in the Teams chat to inform him their edits to the training docs are done. He checks his Activity Feed again and sees the CDO responded that she will add her inputs to the executive summary slide in the morning. Time to hit the gym!