A day in the life of an engineer using Microsoft Search

8:30 AM

In the elevator, April searches “my meetings” to see her calendar. Up first is a 9 AM interview with Ying Li.

8:45 AM

She searches HR’s SharePoint for Ying’s resume and finds the link. A quick read through refreshes her memory.

10:00 AM

It went well! April recaps their discussion and shares her feedback with the other interviewers on Teams.

10:30 AM

An employee needs info from sales. April searches for the VP of Sales and quickly finds a contact in his org.

12:45 PM

The monthly metrics review is Monday. She searches for “Dev Power BI dashboard” and dives in to the numbers.

1:30 PM

April needs to move a meeting with one of her directs. She looks Chris up on Bing to see when he’s free.

2:15 PM

The interviews are going well. A quick web search for “Ying Li” shows her GitHub check-ins. They look great.

3:00 PM

April’s late for a meeting. She pulls up a floor plan for “conf room 9025” on her phone so she knows exactly where to go.

4:15 PM

She searches for ‘conversations about Ying’ to scan everyone’s feedback, then joins a Teams meeting to discuss.

5:00 PM

Everyone agrees: Ying is a hire. April sends off an email to HR asking them to extend an offer. Woohoo!