Sales scenario: Create personalized offers​

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Using Copilot to create personalized offers​

1. Analyze customer goals

Use Copilot to review recent email threads, previous meeting notes, and public information to understand the customer's objectives and priorities.​

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Build a comprehensive understanding of what the customer aims to achieve, which is crucial for crafting a compelling offer.

2. Draft personalized offers

Ask Copilot in Word to draft tailored offers that align with the customer's goals and the insights gathered from the analysis.​

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Copilot in Word

Use the insights gained to draft offers that are highly personalized, increasing the likelihood of acceptance.​

3. Optimize deal terms

Based on customer objectives, ask Copilot to recommend several options for deal terms to speed deal closure.

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Suggest deal terms that are beneficial for both parties, considering both the customer’s needs and your business objectives.​

4. Simulate negotiation scenarios

Utilize Copilot to create potential negotiation scenarios, helping to prepare for various customer responses.

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Lead to better outcomes by anticipating and planning for potential objections.​

5. Finalize the offer

Ask Copilot in Word to refine the offer details, ensuring clarity and addressing any potential concerns the customer might have.

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Copilot in Word

Ensure that the offer is clear, comprehensive, and ready for presentation, minimizing the risk of misunderstandings.​

6. Close the deal

Use Copilot in Teams to assist in the final negotiation phase, providing suggested talking points and recording action items.

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Copilot in Teams

During the final negotiation, Copilot provides support with up-to-date insights, helping to close the deal on favorable terms.​

1Access Copilot at or the Microsoft Copilot mobile app and set toggle to “Web”
2Access Copilot at, the Microsoft Copilot mobile app, or the Copilot app in Teams, and set toggle to “Work”