Travel Support Holland turns to Office 365 solutions to automate communications with customers and suppliers

Published on January 24, 2019


Travel Support Holland (TSH) is a service provider with a 24/7 focus on delivering solutions to those facing problems while abroad. Their clients include alarm centers, transport companies, travel agencies, and insurance organizations. TSH strives for satisfaction across their entire chain including clients, the insured, and their suppliers.

While their head office is based in Amsterdam, TSH’s operational center is located in Sweden, with offices extending across the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Great Britain, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

Looking for a secure system to store and manage customer data while also adding collaboration capabilities across their chain, Travel Support Holland turned to Connected Services to implement a Microsoft 365-based solution.


In the past, Travel Support Holland heavily relied on a solution based on SharePoint Online and DropBox for document and email management, and to manage customer cases and track issues. Due to the European Privacy laws (GDPR) and the hassle with managing multiple systems, TSH hoped to create one secure system to store and manage customer data.

TSH also hoped to increase follow-up speed and add new ways to communicate with customers. When truck drivers were to call from a foreign country with a broken truck, or a tourist were to find themselves stranded due to illness – they shouldn’t need a PC or internet connection to be kept up to date with their case. TSH wanted a system that would allow them to stay up to date with these issues and receive waypoint or address details. To do this they needed to automate communication with customers, suppliers such as towing services, garages, transport companies, doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, medical transport providers, hotels, and taxi companies.


To help solve these needs, Connected Services implemented a series of solutions. These solutions included:

  • A basic Case Management solution using SharePoint Modern Document Library and OneDrive for on-demand sync on local PCs
  • An application using PowerApps used for creating and managing customer cases
    • Microsoft Flow was implemented to automatically send follow-up mails and text messages to customers and suppliers regarding their cases
    • Microsoft Flow was also used to automatically create and send invoices to customers


With the help of Connected Services and the solutions built on Microsoft 365, TSH was able to improve reaction speed to customers and suppliers while reducing errors in their case management and invoicing process. This helped them improve their customer satisfaction and their employee productivity.