Construction insurance organization streamlines and automates claims processing with SharePoint and PSIGEN

Published on September 24, 2018


Mutual de Seguridad CChC was created in 1966 by the Chilean Chamber of Construction, to relieve financial hardship endured by workers and their families due to work-related injuries. Mutual de Seguridad was started as a voluntary mercantile insurance to relieve social and economic costs to the nation. Subsequently, on February 14, 1968, Law 16,744 on Work-related Accidents and Occupational Diseases was issued as a mandatory program that clearly stipulated the nature of the benefits.


A critical step in the process of initiating a new request for an injured worker is to review the required documentation and enter this information into a computer system. Several hours were required to complete this process for each case. This delayed the response to the worker, financially impacting the injured worker while they waited for their claim to be processed.

Mutual de Seguridad needed to apply a robust, Azure-deployed document recognition and classification tool. The tool would need to capture documents that arrived via any electronic channel. The solution needed to have OCR capability, to convert documents into searchable PDFs and publish them to SharePoint. The company also wanted a solution that could integrate with the company portal and generate web services. Database lookup was also necessary to ensure data continuity. The cloud storage allows Mutual to have a secure backup of all the documentation provided by their affiliates.


The technical sales staff at Microsoft’s direct sales team realized that this project would require an Advanced Capture solution to ensure success. The Solution Architect contacted PSIGEN’s sales team, who created a proof of concept for the company.

Through a new technological solution that allows the recognition and classification of information (OCR), integrated with a development for the corporate portal, a solution was provided that allows users to view the status of the necessary documentation and to attach new documents. Documents received by mail are scanned and processed. Instead of printing documents that have been received by email, the documents are automatically moved into PSIcapture for data extraction. Documents are OCR’d to create searchable PDFs, and are then published into SharePoint.

The solution has allowed us to facilitate the answer to our affiliates, giving them better service, reducing the time to process their claims. With this we improved the accomplishment of the regulation required by the Superintendence of Social Welfare and at the same time reduced the cost of handling and classifying documents that we used to do manually.

Cristian Gonzalez (Project Manager, Mutual de Seguridad)


Mutual de Seguridad has been able to significantly reduce the time it takes to process claims. PSIcapture’s ease of use, level of integration with the platform, and successful deployment has facilitated the process of document management in an easily accessible application. The solution has significantly improved Mutual de Seguridad’s communication with customers. The use of database lookup has helped to increase the company’s accuracy, while the integration of the company’s various technology systems has improved efficiency.