Fortune 100 enterprise passes audit and achieves compliance with records management solution for SharePoint with Collabware

Published on July 11, 2018


A Fortune 100 enterprise in a heavily regulated industry (the “Enterprise”) had a requirement to follow strict retention management policies and was subject to regular audits. However, the Enterprise was lacking the records controls to meet this regulatory requirement. They implemented a records management solution for SharePoint to capture records and show defensible records management processes.


With audits pending, the Enterprise needed to ensure regulatory compliance. The Enterprise had a mature records management program. However, with no automated records management systems or processes in place, the Enterprise set out to do the following:

  • Establish records management compliance in the SharePoint environment
  • Automate document destruction based on legal requirements
  • Reduce storage costs by adding document retention policies with destruction dates to all libraries


The Enterprise chose to extend the functionality of their SharePoint investment, which they were using for collaboration and starting to use for content management. The Enterprise decided to implement the Collabware CLM solution, which automated records management processes while maintaining compliance over documents. With support from Collabware, the Enterprise’s Collabware CLM solution went live in less than five months – including records manager training and user acceptance testing.

Throughout the process, Collabware provided on-site training, remote advisory services and a dedicated customer engagement manager to support the in-house team. The Enterprise Representative stated, “Training was thorough and effective, and Collabware was always there to help navigate the waters during technical implementation. The Collabware team worked together with us to quickly resolve any issues that arose, and overall was wonderful to work with!”


A heavily regulated portion of the business is now fully compliant with its regulators. Because of the solution’s ability to legally capture records and show defensible records management processes, the Enterprise passed a recent, large-scale external audit – a huge milestone and validation of its implementation.

The initial Collabware CLM implementation was the first of many to be rolled out in different divisions within the Enterprise. Employees have become much more aware of the Records Management Program, and the Enterprise is anticipating a large decrease in storage costs.