Technology Services Group designs audit management portal for H. Malone & Sons Ltd.

Published on September 27, 2018


Malone & Sons Ltd is a leading mechanical services contractor working with construction companies, local authorities, health companies and government departments in the North East region of England. They needed a solution to ensure their workers had secure access to all the information they needed, including those working remotely.


Malone & Sons have used Office 365 since early 2017 and decided to expand their use beyond email and the Office package. They required help with auditing over 2,000 properties on behalf of the Byker Trust in the Byker Wall area of Newcastle upon Tyne. They had to securely determine whether the heating and domestic water systems and controls needed improving or even replacing.


During a workshop, TSG worked with H Malone to design a business application built on a platform comprised of SharePoint, PowerApps, Flow and Power BI.

Management of the auditing process, from booking and tracking visits through approval and installation was performed using a series of PowerApps forms, Flow workflows, SharePoint lists and Power BI dashboards.

SharePoint lists were used as the data store for all elements of the solution including Addresses, Valuations, Aborted Visits, Tenant Questions, User Permissions etc. Document Libraries are used for storing Work Packages, Invoice and Appointment Letters. Storing the data in SharePoint Online ensured the data was secure and met relevant compliance requirements such as GDPR.

PowerApps provided the mobile workers with the interface required to capture audit information. An application was created using the SharePoint lists as it’s data source, and Power BI was used to create a series of dashboards visualizing audit stages, progress and cost analysis.


With the combination of PowerApps forms, Flow workflows, SharePoint lists, and Power BI dashboards, workers were able to securely and easily access all the information they needed – regardless of their location – to monitor the domestic water systems in Newcastle.