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Three challenges Microsoft Teams can help your essential Frontline Workforce overcome

In this Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft Teams blog, read how Microsoft Teams, as your hub for communication and teamwork for your entire organization, helps you overcome the new challenges you face today.

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Microsoft Ignite: Digital Breakout

Digitally transform an essential part of your organization, the Frontline Workforce

Firstline workers are the backbone of organizations in all major industries. However, less than 25% have the right tools they need to do their job. In this session, learn about this segment of your workforce, their challenges, and how to provide t...

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Microsoft Ignite: On-Demand

Enable business continuity for your Frontline Workforce with Microsoft Teams

This session will focus on Shifts, Tasks, and core communication, along with Walkie Talkie capabilities to create a secure and centralized user experience that help Firstline Workers meet customer needs and saves you time and money.

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Deploy and manage Microsoft Teams-enabled devices to meet the diverse needs of your Frontline Workforce

Learn how to deploy Firstline-specific devices that enable new ways for workers to focus on the job in front of them. This walkthrough will include scenarios for Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie and hands-free collaboration.

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Manage distributed Frontline Workforces with capabilities in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Learn how to build the right experience in Microsoft Teams and successfully rollout the solution to support your Firstline Workforce.

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Empowering your diverse Frontline Workforce with inclusive technology

To be at their best, people need to feel included, and empowered with the right tools to set them up for success in their role. For Firstline workers, that means providing tools that support employees with disabilities, with different levels of li...

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Simplify your Frontline work with low-code solutions in Microsoft Teams

This session will focus on how to simplify Firstline work by converting manual processes to digital processes streamlined on Microsoft Teams. Learn how to utilize the following product solutions: Power Platform, including Shifts integrations.

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Identity for the Frontline Workforce: Empower IT, Managers, and Frontline Workers

Frontline success depends on a team — not just Firstline Workers, but also Firstline managers and IT pros working together to provide access to the right tools and technology. Learn how Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) investments are enabling Fi...

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