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Microsoft 365 Adoption Hub

Microsoft offers a variety of adoption resources, training materials, guidance, and support to help with the deployment and successful implementation of the Microsoft 365 suite. ​

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Adoption Score

Microsoft Adoption Score provides visibility into how your organization works, insights that identify where improved experiences can help people can reach their goals, and actions to update skills and systems so everyone can do their best work.

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Microsoft 365 self-serve adoption selector

Discover product and scenario solutions using the new Microsoft 365 self-serve selector, including our COVID-19 remote productivity guidance.

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Embrace and manage change with Champions

Learn how to create a program that harnesses the motivation of Champions as your organization deals with a shift to remote work culture. Leave with a specific plan and understand Microsoft resources to accelerate your results.

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Modern Collaboration Architecture (MOCA)

Learn ‘which tool when’ supported by the Modern Collaboration Architecture (MOCA), enabling improved collaboration, communication, and information management by individuals, teams, communities, and across the Microsoft 365 suite.

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Succeed with remote productivity

Today, more than ever, we need to collaborate and co-innovate to meet those customers’ needs. Come hear from our customers and partners on how they transitioned their organizations to remote work both technologically and culturally.

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Driving adoption with virtual events: Best practices for organizers and producers

This real-world lessons session will review our Virtual Event Playbook for event organizers and IT professionals and learn how you can use Microsoft Teams Meetings and Live Events to deliver compelling events that keep your organization connected.

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Plan your Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams journey

Microsoft Teams can help your employees stay connected and collaborate with each other, especially in the current unprecedented time where remote work is a reality of employees around the world.

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Real world scenarios & best practices from our Partners and MVPs

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Real World Scenarios

All that you ever wanted to know about Microsoft 365 learning pathways

Asif Rehmani, MVP February 17, 2021

Are your employees utilizing Microsoft 365 to the fullest? Do they have the training and support needed to be successful in their job? Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways is a Microsoft-built solution you can deploy to your tenant, today, for free. It...

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Connect with Microsoft Experts

Join Microsoft engineering teams and your peers in meaningful conversations about the tools you use everyday. Share insights, discover new perspectives, and problem-solve in a
collaborative environment to shape the future of Microsoft products.

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