Modern Collaboration Architecture (MOCA)

Learn "which tool when" supported by the Modern Collaboration Architecture (MOCA), enabling improved collaboration, communication, and information management by individuals, teams, communities, and across the organization using Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, and the rest of the Microsoft 365 suite.

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Modern Collaboration Practices

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Helping employees manage their attention

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How communications flow in an organization

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In today’s frantic world of constant change, employees are having to navigate our attention economy that’s riddled with information pollution and an overwhelming sense of “instant information gratification”. Whilst we are naturally wired to work together and cooperate, there is such thing is “too much collaboration” – when the artificial work processes conflict with the human biology of a single attention. This leads to employees seeing technology as “another thing they have to do” and causes strain on one of our most precious resources – time and energy.

However, there are ways for individuals and teams to take back control and start to place the emphasis on making the most of their time (and that of others) to get the best outcomes for the organization – productivity. A Modern Workplace program is not just about the deployment of technology to the employees, but it must also consider the embedding of “good behaviors” if it wants to create a high performing culture within the organization.

Watch the short video below of guidance on why attention management capabilities are critical and must be included in every Modern Workplace program to build the right learning mindset within the organization.

How attention management impacts employee collaboration

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Attention Management PowerPoint Deck

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Microsoft designed the MOCA to address two key challenges:

1. To help you drive digital culture change across your organization with an understanding of the dynamics that need to be addressed at the individual, team, community and organization level.

2. To address the “which tool when?” question, demonstrating how all the different tools are designed to integrate to deliver a unified collaboration experience across the organization.

The MOCA will equip you, the teams you work with and your organization with an understanding of how the Microsoft 365 services are built to help you own the way you work and collaborate.

Understanding the MOCA to drive Microsoft 365 adoption

MOCA Presentation PowerPoint Deck

Library of user cases, pivoted around all-up Microsoft 365 functionality, helping you to start the conversation with IT professionals and users about how they can use the Microsoft 365 suite in their day-to-day work life.


The Art of Teamwork

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Individual MOCA Assessment

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We humans are not yet good at interpreting intent from written communications; indeed miscommunication accounts for much time wasted as we try and interpret what “the other” meant. What capabilities in the services aid clarity in our communications? How can teams and workgroups build a collaboration charter to support clearer flow of information and communication despite often working asynchronously?

We talk about Microsoft 365 as being a great enabler to communications within an organization. In reality, looking at Teams, Yammer, email, SharePoint communication sites, Stream and all the other applications, picking the right tool to cater for the right type of communication can seem a little confusing. As we saw in the earlier videos, how people spend their attention is important and we also have the various organizational dynamics to consider (individual, team, community and organization), so here is some guidance on the importance of using the right channel and building trust in the information to create effective communications flow within your organizations.

Then again, there is nothing better than hanging out with your colleagues at the coffee shop, drinking a nice mocha.

Navigating the different communication tools within Microsoft 365

The Communications Flow PowerPoint Deck


Rethinking meeting experiences for the new normal

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Avoiding miscommunication in a digital world

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Our customers and partners have been using the MOCA for the last few months and we have been getting some excellent feedback, we thought we’d share some stories with you. If you would like Microsoft to help you embed the MOCA as part of your Microsoft 365 journey, contact your Microsoft Customer Success Manager, your Microsoft Services Executive or your Account representative.


Microsoft Services have been assisting ActewAGL drive their Digital Transformation and help them embed the new ways of working, across the business, enabled by Microsoft 365 suite. Jo Fisher, Change and Transition Manager, used the MOCA to position how the Microsoft 365 suite would help each person within the organization become more effective in their role. Here is what she has to say about the MOCA:

“ActewAGL has used the Modern Collaboration Architecture (MOCA) framework from Microsoft to design a custom-built adoption program for introducing Microsoft 365 to our workforce.

Technology that is just installed will never achieve the benefits an organization expects. The MOCA explains Microsoft 365 in a humanistic way. It enables people to understand how Microsoft 365 applications should work together to improve communication, collaboration and information management across individuals, teams, and the entire organization.

While we are still on the journey of rolling out Microsoft 365, our program would not have been as successful as it has been to date without this framework from Microsoft to guide us.”

-Jo Fisher, ICT Change and Transition Manager, ActewAGL – local Canberra Electricity and Gas utility

For more information on the MOCA and the supporting conversation, please contact Rishi Nicolai & Emma Stephen.