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The most successful virtual events are a part of a long-term audience acquisition & retention strategy. Learn more before beginning to plan your next virtual event.

NOTE: This playbook is designed as further reading from our core Virtual Event Playbook for seasoned event producers to leverage a more advanced technical design to deliver events, so the assumption is that you already understand the core components of designing an accessible and inclusive event. If you have not read our core playbook, please do so before proceeding to learn foundational knowledge for our services.

Compelling events are about people

Throughout your process of producing a virtual event, it is critical to prioritize the following elements:

  • The clarity of your message
  • The attendee experience
  • Your ongoing engagement strategy

All technology decisions should be made with these key elements in mind. Often the most important thing to invest in is the storytelling skills of your Presenters who will land your core messages.

Ensure your content has a follow-up lifecycle for attendees who want to continue learning, review content offline, or ask questions.

Events are no longer a destination – they fuel connection, ongoing learning and engagement.

Advanced event scenarios

Virtual conferences

Virtual conferences

  • Single or multi-day experience
  • Multi-track and varying content types
  • Funnel to online communities for ongoing engagement
  • Moderated Q&A

Leadership townhall

Leadership townhall

  • 1 to Many with managed Q&A
  • Often moderated destination events
  • Sometimes crafted in a regular rhythm of business or on-demand

Public broadcasts

Public broadcasts

  • 1 to Many destination broadcast
  • Optional custom streaming configurations
  • May stream to additional platforms

Multi-guest panels

Multi-guest panels

  • Multiple guests and/or hosts
  • Remote interviews
  • Professional switching
  • May stream to additional platforms

Your next idea

Your next idea

  • Use powerful capabilities to reach customers, partners and your employees
  • Create interactive content
  • Reach influencers and create brand ambassadors
  • Improve remote communications and citizen engagement

Tip: Scale and complexity matter

Production events can be self-produced. For advanced scenarios, a broader event team is recommended. Please review our production roles content from our core event playbook.

Event Design Model

The one thing we can never get back is time. This is the most valuable thing an event attendee shares with you.

The most successful virtual events are a part of a long-term audience acquisition and retention strategy. This is an example framework of an acquisition strategy.

Ensure attendee satisfaction with valuable and engaging content and on-screen talent. Clear calls to action and post-event engagement will ensure the attendees you acquire would return for further events.

Awareness – Potential attendees know about you and your event.

Education – Potential attendees gain knowledge about the purpose of your event.

Intent – Potential attendees form intent to participate in your event.

Conversion – Potential attendees convert via registration.

Engagement – Attendee participation.

Satisfaction – Attendees are satisfied with your event and would recommend it to others.

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Event Model





Intent &



Talent &



Audience Experience

Engage from anywhere,
produce with quality

  • Advanced production scenarios allow you to unleash your creativity
  • Confidently produce a secure experience
  • Choose your broadcast platform experience to reach your target audience
  • Engage beyond your standard communication methods

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