Virtual Event Playbook​
Custom Production

This playbook will assist you in delivering more highly produced events using additional tools. Example scenarios can include executive panels, internal or public conferences and events that include pre-recorded content or multiple remote presenters with a single host as you might see on the nightly news.

Custom production guidance

This content has been compiled through the contributions of many people across Microsoft who have been involved in delivering our flagship events, webinars, and leadership townhalls. We strive to prioritize accessibility, inclusion, and engagement as we create the new standard for the audience experience.

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NOTE: This playbook is designed as further reading from our core Virtual Event Playbook for seasoned event producers to leverage a more advanced technical design to deliver events. If you have not read our core playbook, please do so before proceeding to learn foundational knowledge for our services. Still have questions after reviewing this playbook? Bring them to our Virtual Event Forum online community.

Guidance by role

In event production, every member of the team plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of the event. While some events are self-produced, it is not uncommon for individuals to take on multiple roles within their organization. To effectively organize an event, it is important to establish your role as the organizer and then follow the guidance provided for each stage of the event: before, during, and after.

Each individual or team involved in virtual events should review our playbook overview that will set the tone and context for delivering inclusive, accessible, and useful custom produced events for your audience.

Virtual Event Forum

The Virtual Event forum is a community of people just like you who are navigating the world of delivering virtual events. Join them and subject matter experts who can answer questions and share successful real-world experiences.

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Live Event Assistance Program

Need help with a large-scale event? The Microsoft 365 Live Event Assistance Program (LEAP) can provide you with guidance and assistance to deliver your best webinars and live events.

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