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Bing Chat Enterprise, now simply Microsoft Copilot, has the advantage of being able to answer questions based on today’s information, whereas other AI chat experiences often offer dated answers. It is transparent about the sources for the information behind the answers, so you know exactly where the content is coming from. We encourage you to review before making decisions or taking actions based on the responses.

With Microsoft Copilot, you have the power of a leading-edge tool and the protection needed for company data.

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5 tips for making the most of Copilot at work

Need help getting users started on Copilot? Check out our 5 tips that you can use now for making the most of Copilot at work, so you can be more productive, automate tasks, and have more time to focus on high-impact work.

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User training deck

Use our training deck to introduce users to Copilot, share tips on drafting effective prompts, and scenarios for using Copilot at work.

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How Copilot works with your data using GPT-4

Dive deeper into how Copilot works in this video from Microsoft Mechanics. Learn more about:

  • What it is and how it compares to public services like ChatGPT that you might be familiar with
  • The admin controls are available to enable the service for users and options in settings and policies to customize the service
  • The differences between Copilot and Copilot for Microsoft 365
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Microsoft 365?

Visit our Copilot for Microsoft 365 hub for news, resources, and content to help you drive adoption and healthy usage of Copilot across your Microsoft 365 apps and services.

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