Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams bots

Create interactive conversational bots

Conversational bots allow users to interact with your web service through text, interactive cards, and task modules.

Bots can handle a few simple commands or complex, artificial intelligence-powered and natural language processing virtual assistants.

Bots can be standalone or a part of a larger application.

  • Scenarios

    What could you use bots for?

    Notify users

    Particularly if you provide an interactive card for users to take additional information.

    Collect feedback

    Feedback scenarios like polls and surveys.


    Interactions that can be resolved in a single request/response cycle, where the results are useful for multiple members of the conversation.

    Social/fun bots

    Get an awesome cat image, randomly pick a winner, etc.

    One-to-one chat

    Enable incredibly diverse workloads. Q&A bots, bots that initiate workflows in other systems, bots that tell jokes, and bots that take notes are just a few examples.

  • Samples

    Sample bots for Microsoft Teams


    Book-a-room is a Microsoft Teams bot that lets users quickly find and reserve a meeting room for 30 (default), 60, or 90 minutes starting from the current time. The Book-a-room bot scopes to personal or 1:1 conversations.

    Company Communicator

    The Company Communicator app enables corporate teams to create and send messages intended for multiple teams or large number of employees over chat allowing organization to reach employees right where they collaborate. Utilize this template for multiple scenarios such as new initiative announcements, employee onboarding, modern learning and development or organization-wide broadcasts.

    Expert Finder

    Expert Finder is a Microsoft Teams bot that identifies specific organization members based on their skills, interests, and education attributes. Members find experts within an organization that match a keyword search of Azure Active Directory user profiles.

  • Documentation

    Get started building Microsoft Teams bots

    Build a bot for Microsoft Teams

    You'll build a basic bot app in this tutorial. A bot acts as an intermediary between Teams users and your web service. People can chat with a bot to quickly get information or initiate workflows and tasks performed by your service.

    What are conversational bots?

    What are bots and what are the best practices for using them?

    Designing your Microsoft Teams bot

    Learn how people can add, use, and manage bots in Teams.