About this webinar

Over the past few months we have hosted webinars sharing multiple advantages of OneDrive that enable people to have ubiquitous access to all their files-online and offline, enhance mobile productivity and effectively share within and outside their organizations.

In this webinar, we focus on the deployment and configuration of the OneDrive Sync app at scale so you can successfully implement and leverage the benefits of the intelligent files app for Microsoft 365 – OneDrive.

We often get asked “How has Microsoft configured OneDrive?” or “What would the OneDrive product team propose as best practice for deployment?” So here it is! A set of deployment best practices that result in a great user experience and engagement – what we call the Sync “ideal state”. These are based on us working with many organizations externally as well as our own IT department here at Microsoft. The goal being a move closer to enabling a more “modern desktop” experience.

This session is followed by an “Ask me anything” session at https://aka.ms/OneDriveAMA