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Files collaboration

Work on your files wherever, however with OneDrive and Microsoft 365.

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Microsoft Lists

Organize work, track information and get things done with everyone in sync.

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Task management

Manage and stay on top of your tasks across Microsoft 365.

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Microsoft Ignite: Digital Breakout

Embrace a new way of work with Microsoft 365

In an unprecedented time of workplace transformation, opportunities to thrive belong to those who embrace and adapt to the new normal of business. How do we collaborate remotely, stay connected, and produce excellent work as a team? How do we stay...

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Microsoft Ignite: On-Demand

What’s new and coming to OneDrive

OneDrive is the intelligent files app for Microsoft 365. In this session we cover upcoming innovations and explore how new functionality empowers you to work with all files across Microsoft 365, from any device, and to share and collaborate on fil...

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Turbocharging Microsoft 365 cloud user experiences

Microsoft 365 provides features and platform capabilities designed to make all user experiences better, faster, and easier to govern. Learn how to improve and optimize the performance of SharePoint sites and portals. Explore new ways to drive info...

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Customize productivity apps with lists and libraries, Power Apps, and Power Automate

No-code and low-code apps have been essential in SharePoint for a long time. Additional tools from the Power Platform – Power Apps and Power Automate – provide additional power and capability to build productivity apps using SharePoint lists as th...

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Get started with Microsoft Lists

Get a good look at Microsoft Lists – your smart information tracking app in Microsoft 365. See how Lists evolved from SharePoint lists to empower individuals and teams to create, share, and track information, including innovation in Microsoft Team...

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Microsoft Teams ❤️ Microsoft Lists

Content collaboration meets information management meets conversation flexibility. Lists plus Microsoft Teams brings it all together. Get to know how you and your colleagues can best create, share, and track lists and list items all from within th...

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Organize business information with Microsoft Lists

It’s time to make a list your own. We’ll teach you how to use and create views, configure conditional formatting, adjust forms, and more. You’ll come into this session new to Lists and leave a list maker!

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Working with files and lists in Microsoft Teams

Get the most of working with lists and files directly inside Microsoft Teams. We'll walk through numerous scenarios when using the new Lists app in Microsoft Teams and benefitting from the Files tab integration with the power of content services p...

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External sharing and collaboration with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive

Microsoft 365 provides a rich set of solutions for collaborating with users both inside and outside of your organization. This session offers an in-depth look at existing and brand-new external file sharing capabilities. Learn best practices for c...

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Deployment and configuration of OneDrive sync

Are you ready to roll out OneDrive? Learn how to plan and execute your rollout of OneDrive sync to get your users into the "ideal state," maximizing creativity and collaboration. Come hear the best tips, tricks, and shortcuts to ensure a quick and...

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Driving OneDrive adoption with a remote workforce

Whether you are working at your office, from home, or on the go, OneDrive is essential in connecting you to all your files as well as driving collaboration. Explore best practice and tips and tricks for adopting OneDrive when working remotely. Dis...

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What’s new in Security and Compliance in SharePoint and OneDrive

Microsoft runs on trust – as digital data grows exponentially in your organization, it is super critical to safeguard your sensitive corporate data. Microsoft is leading the way in enterprise-grade security and comprehensive compliance solutions. ...

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New ways to easily migrate your content to Microsoft 365

Join us for a demo-driven session on how to migrate your organization’s content into Microsoft 365 with ease and speed! We'll focus on three areas: moving off legacy file shares, content from SharePoint Server on-premises, and other clouds storage...

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Monitor and manage SharePoint in Microsoft 365

SharePoint admins, this session is for you. The intelligent intranet is personal, collaborative, and ever changing. In this session we'll focus on upcoming enhancements to the SharePoint admin center – an updated home page, new site management, co...

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Living in Microsoft Teams? Now so does your intranet!

In this demo-packed session, come learn about how we are bringing new SharePoint experiences directly into Microsoft Teams — empowering users to discover, consume, and collaborate on content like never before.

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Get more done with Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner gives teams an intuitive, collaborative, and visual task management experience for getting work done. Whether you’re new to Planner or consider yourself an expert, learn how to use Planner and find out more about recent new enhan...

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Managing task capabilities across Microsoft 365

In this session, we’ll share the latest integrations of tasks from Microsoft Teams, Outlook, To Do, Planner, Office documents, SharePoint, and more, and you'll learn how task management across Microsoft 365 helps you find your tasks where you need...

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Automate your Planner tasks workflow

Learn how to use Microsoft Power Automate to customize your Microsoft Planner tasks workflow for your organization.

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Designing the Microsoft Lists experience

Join in and learn how the Microsoft Design team behind Lists designed a simple, beautiful UX that helps people be productive every day, with a strong focus on accessibility and inclusion.

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Connect with Microsoft Experts

Join Microsoft engineering teams and your peers in meaningful conversations about the tools you use everyday. Share insights, discover new perspectives, and problem-solve in a
collaborative environment to shape the future of Microsoft products.

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