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Ignite 2020 news

Get the latest news and announcements from Ignite around the Microsoft Teams platform. From new features to best practices, we have a lot to share!

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Join our community

We have a strong community of developers and MVPs. Discover how to join our community and stay up-to-date on the latest news on Teams platform.

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Start your journey

Discover how to begin building Microsoft Teams apps and workflows by navigating our Microsoft Teams Developer website, where you’ll find technical docs, SDKs, and other resources to jump start your journey!

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Explore how to integrate and power mobile experiences in your Teams apps

Explore how to integrate and power mobile experiences in your Microsoft Teams apps.

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Building friction-free apps & enabling seamless adoption using authorization and authentication capabilities and Microsoft Graph

Develop apps with powerful capabilities like Single Sign-On (SSO), Resource-Specific Consent (RSC), granular permissions; and where IT Admins can learn how to leverage Graph APIs to automate app lifecycle/management.

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Elevate user experiences with Teams and Adaptive Cards

Microsoft Teams platform with Adaptive Cards enables building beautifully integrated and actionable user experiences in Microsoft Teams. In this session, we'll cover how developers can leverage new capabilities to build contextual and compliant ex...

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Tips and tricks: best practices and common challenges when building Microsoft Teams apps

Join us for a session where we cover some common challenges developers run into as they build Microsoft Teams apps. Developers will leave this session with tips and insights they can use as they continue their Microsoft Teams app development journey.

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Create DevOps workspaces in Microsoft Teams

See how you can leverage Microsoft Teams and apps to build a hub for your DevOps teams.

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Continued learning

Apps in Teams Fundamentals

This foundational session covers basic capabilities including app management and security. Learn how to integrate your workflows, productivity apps, and the services you use every day into a single, unified experience

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Supercharge key workflows with apps in Teams

Connect your systems, increase automation, and deliver improved experiences for users by bringing the apps your organization relies on into Teams.

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Connect with Microsoft Experts

Join Microsoft engineering teams and your peers in meaningful conversations about the tools you use everyday. Share insights, discover new perspectives, and problem-solve in a
collaborative environment to shape the future of Microsoft products.

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