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Provide an optimal user experience

Maximize the ROI on your Microsoft 365 purchase by following network recommendations and best practices for a lightning fast user experience.

Enable a seamless remote work experience

Configure your network through remote connectivity strategies to seamlessly transform the way your organization works.

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Maintain security without sacrificing performance

Implement network architecture that provides both the security and speed necessary for productivity in the cloud era.

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Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program

Customers often ask Microsoft if partner solutions work with Microsoft 365 and whether they align with Microsoft’s Network Connectivity Principles. This session will review our Networking Partner Program and explain how we designate verified partn...

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How Microsoft does Zero Trust

In this session we’ll explore Zero Trust and what that means for modern network designs. We’ll share the Microsoft Zero Trust journey, highlighting best practices, and potential pitfalls to avoid.

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Microsoft 365 Network Connectivity Test tool

For large enterprises Microsoft 365 connectivity often requires different network perimeter design than generic internet connectivity. We publish connectivity principles and best practices for optimizing network perimeters for Microsoft 365. This ...

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Microsoft 365 Network Connectivity Principles

In this video we’ll discuss Network Connectivity Principles, which serve as foundational elements for several areas, relevant for optimal network connectivity and most performant user experience with Microsoft 365 – from enterprise network design ...

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Microsoft 365 network connectivity for remote users

In this video we will discuss Microsoft 365 network connectivity best practices for remote users working from home, we will go through remote connectivity strategies like VPN split tunneling to facilitate continued user productivity during large s...

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Enterprise network design for the cloud era

In this video, we’ll discuss why a traditional enterprise network built for the on premises world isn’t a good fit for a cloud first world. We’ll look at some of the common modern enterprise network design models, which our customers are using to ...

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Managing connections using the IP/URL web service

In this video, we will explain how Microsoft publishes details on the service endpoints across Microsoft 365 workloads, and how you can consume these details to keep your infrastructure configuration up-to-date and ensure the best possible experie...

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Microsoft 365 cloud data center strategy​

This session will describe Microsoft's data center expansion and governance strategy around our core pillars of security, reliability, data residency, and sustainability. We will also discuss how Microsoft 365 multi-geo utilizes our expanding data...

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Administering a Multi-Geo tenant is a snap

With enterprises going through their digital transformation and exponential data growth, meeting the data residency needs and complex regulations is critical. Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo helps you to meet those needs with the added benefit of simple a...

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