Getting started with Microsoft Syntex

Microsoft Syntex seamlessly brings content together in the cloud with integrated AI to help you do more and most importantly, achieve more with your content.

Introducing Microsoft Syntex

Microsoft Syntex is Content AI integrated in the flow of work. It puts people at the center, with content seamlessly integrated into collaboration and workflows, turning content from a cost into an advantage. Microsoft Syntex capabilities include:

  • Enhance – Understand and assemble content with AI powered summarization, translation, auto-assembly, and annotations integrated into Microsoft 365 and Teams
  • Connect – Discover and reuse content with AI powered search, eSignature, and integration into business workflows like contracts and invoice management
  • Manage – Analyze and protect content throughout its lifecycle with AI powered security and compliance, backup and restore and advanced content management

Getting Started



Microsoft Syntex at Ignite


  • Use the Microsoft 365 Assessment tool to discover opportunities where your organization could benefit from Microsoft Syntex.
  • Get started with a free 30-day trial of Syntex user capabilities, including document processing, content assembly, annotation, content query, contract management and more. capabilities.
  • Contact a member of our Content AI Partner Program (CAPP) to take part in a workshop and discover ways your organizations can use Syntex.
  • We also have accelerators for contract management and accounts payable to help you start quickly.

See how Microsoft Syntex can apply to the roles in your organization.

Microsoft Syntex for Information Workers

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Microsoft Syntex for Business Leaders

Learn how you can help your employees achieve more with their content.

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Microsoft Syntex for IT Leaders

See how your organization could benefit from Microsoft Syntex

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Pay-as-you-go services such as unstructured document processing are being made available to most Microsoft 365 commercial plans with no additional licensing. Administrators will need to provide billing information from Azure to activate services in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and will be charged by usage starting at GA for each metered service.

Metered access to unstructured document processing will be available on November 1, 2022. Customers will be able to activate these services by providing their Azure subscription billing information in the Microsoft Admin Center. Unstructured document processing will be available at no charge during our initial preview.

Pricing, packaging, and availability during preview and at general availability are subject to change. Preview service availability is subject to change and is provided with no express or implied warranties or service level agreements.

We’ll have additional details on other Microsoft Syntex services’ pricing and packaging published on the Syntex blog, the Microsoft 365 Message Center and through Microsoft licensing disclosure early 2022 and as they become available. Further details on specific pricing and packaging for Syntex services will be made on the Microsoft Syntex blog.

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