Tournament of Teams

Enable new adoption-themed tournaments for the entire organization to participate in that inspire users to learn more!

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Inspire new ways for your organization to learn and participate in
tournaments focused on learning themes

Champions are critical in helping drive adoption and developing fun new tournaments can help towards your business goals.
Make sure you are leveraging your Champions to help identify and build new adoption-themed tournaments.

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Tournament of TeamsEnable the entire organization to participate in the gamification and learning experiences of fun adoption-themed tournaments:

  • Create and deliver tournaments to help drive healthy usage of the scenarios and tools your users need
  • Inspire users and run campaigns promoting new learning and deep link learning to more precise and actionable information for knowledge in the moment (link to Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways and other solutions)
  • Track and record tournament information for post-event recognition and impact measurement using built-in reporting

Tournament of Teams takes your Champion enablement to the next level by leveraging the impact of those inspiring others to achieve more! Create actions, start a tournament, and inspire learning.

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