A day in the life of a service engineer using Microsoft Teams

3:00 AM

While on duty for a business critical service Emily receives a call through Microsoft Teams informing her of a service outage. She joins the call with the engineers working on the mitigation of the service.

3:05 AM

She opens Teams on her laptop and views the incident which was posted to Teams via the incident management system.

3:15 AM

Emily identifies the problem and posts her findings in the Microsoft Teams meeting for everyone to review and collaborate on the proper mitigation steps.

3:30 AM

Emily assigns several mitigation steps on the call by @ mentioning her colleagues and they begin working to bring the service back.

3:45 AM

The mitigation steps are in place and Emily and her team confirms that their plan worked via a PowerBI dashboard showing real-time service metrics in Microsoft Teams.

3:50 AM

Now that the outage has been resolved, the conversation in Teams is updated with the resolution from the incident management tool.

8:00 AM

Back in the office, Emily sets up a Teams meeting to go over last night’s outage. They identify potential preventative work items and assign the Planner tasks in Teams to engineers to help harden the service and prevent another outage.

5:00 PM

Emily joins a Live Site meeting on Microsoft Teams with her leadership to talk about the outage and how she plans to prevent this from happening again. She uses the PowerBI dashboard in Teams to share service metrics and Planner to present her plan.

6:00 PM

Emily posts a Happy Hour invitation in Teams for all the folks that helped quickly mitigate the outage last night.