A day in the life of a sales account manager using Microsoft 365

3:00 PM

Susan leaves her customer’s meeting excited to bid on a timesensitive project. She receives the customer’s RFP as an email attachment, which she opens in Microsoft Outlook Mobile. From her smartphone, she creates a new Microsoft Teams channel specifically for this opportunity, adds her group, and shares the RFP. Adding a new file to this Teams channel automatically alerts her teammates.

4:00 PM

Back at home, Susan captures her meeting notes in Microsoft OneNote, which is integrated with the Teams channel so her peers can review. From the same Teams channel, she opens the RFP in Microsoft Word and the draft proposal in Microsoft PowerPoint. She can see in real time exactly where her peers are inserting responses in both docs and is thrilled with their progress.

5:30 PM

Before shutting down, Susan gets an alert from her Focused Inbox, an intelligent Outlook feature that helps her filter important email. It’s a notification that a team member @mentioned her in the draft proposal. She clicks the link to open the Word doc, replies to the comment, and @mentions Shen Kuo, an engineer in China, for his expertise. Shen will provide his feedback overnight.

7:30 AM

The next morning, Susan is back at her home office. She sees that Shen used chat in Teams to tell the group he added technical specs to the RFP. He also explained how the specs affects the proposal’s pricing. Susan replies with a GIF, praising him for his work and quick turnaround.

8:30 AM

Susan stops for a coffee on her way to the customer’s office. Using her tablet, she opens the proposal in PowerPoint to write the executive summary and update the pricing section. While she adds content into the slides, PowerPoint Designer uses AI to automatically generate design ideas and related photos and icons for her to choose from to complete the slide layouts, saving her time.

9:30 AM

Susan uses the Teams channel chat to ask her peers if they can complete their responses, review the two docs, and share their feedback by 11:00 AM. She then catches a ride share to the customer’s office

11:00 AM

In the customer’s lobby, Susan opens the RFP and proposal to conduct her final review. Both Word and PowerPoint automatically highlight the sections her peers edited since her review. She reviews their changes and uses the Check for Issues feature in Word and PowerPoint to remove comments and inspect for other issues. She is ready for her lunch meeting.

11:45 AM

Out at lunch with the customer, she uses her tablet to present the RFP and proposal. The customer is super impressed with how fast Susan and her team responded. The customer has a few change requests and questions. Susan can’t answer right away, so she enters these in the Teams chat and asks her team to respond.

1:00 PM

By the time the lunch check arrives, Susan’s team has responded to the questions and updated the RFP and proposal docs in Teams to reflect the change requests. Susan shares this information with the customer, who thanks Susan again for the quick and coordinated response. Three hours later, the customer informs Susan that Contoso has won the bid.